7 Ways to Elevate Your Meal


The beauty of food is playing, taste-testing, tweaking, adding, and making a dish your own. When crafting our First Collection of meals, we knew we wanted to create delicious meals based on beloved Indian classics that tasted great on their own but could also be customized to different palates and cravings. So, that’s exactly what we did! Our chef-crafted recipes are a freezer favorite everyone can always count on as is, and when we have a little extra time, are hosting friends, or just want to experiment with more flavors, our meals can also be your starting point.

We believe that food is an extension of ourselves—a way to connect with our cultures and traditions while embracing individuality. When we each customize a dish, it’s a personal moment that adds a touch of creativity and flavor that might not have been brought together. It’s quite a beautiful (and delicious) experience!

As we have shared our frozen Indian meals with our community, we’ve loved learning how everyone gives them a unique twist. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pairings, sides, toppings, and more that further transform our delicious dishes. Ready to delight your taste buds?

Mix and Match Your Favorites
If we’re hosting our friends or family for dinner, we already know we’ll be heating up a few meals to enjoy. With a variety of flavors, spices, vegetables, and rice pairings, there’s sure to be something for everyone—and what better way to try a little bit of everything? Grab six spoons and feast on each of our delicious plant-based dishes and signature sides of rice!

Cool Down with White Moustache
If you enjoy tangy flavors, we recommend a fresh spoonful of yogurt on top of your meal. For many years we have loved White Moustache’s Greek Yogurt or Labneh. The decadent flavor of the yogurt balances the warmth of our traditional Indian spices. White Moustache’s handmade, small-batch products are always a staple in our fridge!

Sauce on the Side with Homemade Raita
For the moments we want to whip up a quick yet tasty side to pair with our meal, it’s more than likely that we’re making homemade raita. Raita is a creamy yogurt flavored with traditional spices and fresh herbs, which lends itself to being the perfect complement to our Indian meals. Here’s how we make a quick Raita with what we have on hand:

Fresh spices bring every delicious raita to life, so we start by heating a pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and cumin. While your spices are heating up, finely slice half a cucumber.

In a bowl with one cup of your favorite yogurt, fold in the cucumber, a pinch of salt, and drizzle the bloomed cumin tadka. Top it off with finely chopped mint leaves, and you have a refreshing homemade raita ready to accompany your next House of Kajaana meal!

Spice It Up with Fly by Jing
If you like to bring the heat, add a spoonful of Fly by Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp—or reach for their Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp for an irresistibly spicy addition to our meals. Their chili crisp adds spice and crunch to every bite (and tastes delicious on everything).

Top It Off with Green Coriander Chutney from Kalustyan’s
Chutney is a staple on our table, so it’s no surprise that Kalustyan’s coriander chutney is one of our go-to’s. Refreshing and versatile, their coriander chutney pairs well with any of our frozen meals for an added savory flavor.

Serve it with Vista Hermosa
Whether you dip it, scoop it, or wrap it, our meals pair well with your favorite naan or tortillas. While naan is more of a classic pairing, sometimes we like to switch things up and serve Vista Hermosa’s flour tortillas on the side. With thoughtful processes and traditional flavors, this combination may become your new go-to!

Don’t Forget Dessert From Seed + Mill
Save room for dessert! You can always count on us to serve up our favorite sweet after a delicious meal, and it’s usually Seed + Mill’s artisanal halva. We love enjoying their Pistachio Halva on its own, but you can even crumble it over your favorite fruit or bake it into a sweet treat for a unique flavor combination.

With endless possibilities, we hope you’ll try a few new ways to make our meals your own. From spices to sides, we believe there’s never a wrong way to enjoy your favorite meals when enhancing them for your palate or cravings.

To start building your perfect dish, pick up your favorite House of Kajaana meals, available on our website and at FreshDirect.com.

These are just some of our favorite customizations, but we’d love to hear yours! Send us a message and tag us in photos on Instagram to let us know your favorite toppings, sides, or complements to our frozen meals.

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