our mission is to make it easy for people to joyfully nourish themselves– without sacrificing their health, the planet, or their time.

Kajaana is a play on the hindi phrases “kha ja na” (खा जा न), meaning “eat up” and “khajaana” (खजाना), meaning “treasure”. Our name captures the joy of eating delicious indian food, straight from the treasure chest of your home: your freezer.

Founder's Note
It all started with a love of Indian cuisine, and a treasure chest full of frozen Indian food
I have been continually blown away by magical Indian food experiences across multiple countries and their ability to bring people together. From London to Ethiopia, New York City, Cairo, Istanbul, Mexico City, and everywhere in between, I have savored Indian food and the stories behind the traditional and modern twists brought by chefs to the table. My exploration of Indian food has spanned decades and continents, but it always takes me back to my favorite place: the freezer.

Growing up, my food experiences were grounded in traditional Indian meals from summers in the Himalayas at my family’s home, to boarding school in South India, and nightly Indian dinners at home outside of Boston. Our ritual was to save home cooked dishes in our basement freezer so that we always had an opportunity for delicious and high-quality meals whenever we were hungry. The freezer became our treasure chest. Whether I was picking out dinner from my family’s freezer or stashing my own treasures for later at friends’ homes, I have always understood the comfort that comes from knowing you have a delicious, nutritious meal waiting for you.

As the years went on, it became clear that friends and family were also looking for convenient and delicious ways to stock their freezer. There was a desire for a functionally nutritious, and delicious multicultural meal experience that could be enjoyed anytime at home. Indian cuisine delivered on all of those desires and more. House of Kajaana is a celebration of Indian food experiences and the opportunity to bring the joy of new flavors, nutritious ingredients, and cultures to homes everywhere.

With love,