Our mission is to bring the joy of healthy, plant-based Indian food to the modern palate and deliver it conveniently.

3,000 Years of Tradition in Your Freezer

We worked closely with our favorite chef to reimagine traditional Indian ingredients and flavors for the modern palate. Our meals are there for the nights you would have ordered in, for gathering with friends and family, or for dining solo.

Better For You and the Planet

All of our meals are made 100% with plants and are an exceptional blend of healthy fats, fiber, protein, lots of vegetables, and spices with healing properties. By offering them frozen, we reduce food waste and make it easy to add plant-based eating to your routine. Sustainability is key for us and we are committed to making responsible decisions on everything from ingredients to packaging.

A Celebration of Indian Hospitality

Whether you have eaten Indian food your whole life or House of Kajaana marks your first experience, we are excited to welcome you to our table. Our meals deliver superior nourishment while embracing the flavors, traditions, and wisdom of Indian culture.

Created By Women

House of Kajaana was born from our founder’s decades-long love affair with frozen Indian food. She has assembled a team of trailblazing women from around the world in all areas of the food industry to bring her vision to life. We are proud to be a women-owned brand.

Founder's Note

It all started with a love of Indian cuisine, and a treasure chest full of frozen Indian food.