A Moment of Thanks

As we enter the time of year most known for giving thanks, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on the joy this year has brought.

Since we launched House of Kajaana in March—something we have been pouring our passion, energy, time, love (and some tears) into for so long—we are moved by how you have welcomed our meals to your table, shared in celebrating each milestone with us, and your excitement for what’s to come. We are endlessly grateful for the support you have shown us in just a short time.

Each day has been an opportunity for us to share more of our story with you and give you a look behind the curtain at what we’re creating and why. Through this, we have seen that we are surrounded by an incredible community that not only shares our love for delicious Indian food but also finds joy in food as a means to express kindness, warmth, and gratitude.

At House of Kajaana, all that we do comes from a place of gratitude; we value sharing and fostering that with our community, team, and partners.

Gratitude and how we express it is personal and unique to each of us. From grand gestures to thoughtful moments, gratitude is a daily practice that can help reconnect us with those in our lives, while also rooting ourselves in a positive mindset.

As hosts and gift-givers, we often find ourselves giving thanks through food because it combines everything we love: our favorite meals, our favorite people, and our favorite way to show we care.

Whether welcoming people to our table for a thoughtful dinner to show our appreciation or gifting a meal to express our gratitude for someone near or far, food is our way to say “thank you.”

If House of Kajanna is part of your gratitude rituals, we are deeply appreciative of you for welcoming us into your practice and special moments. It’s our mission to be a source of joy and warmth, and we thank you for making that possible.

We would love to learn more about expressions of gratitude that you practice in your life. If you would like to share them with us, please send us an email or DM on Instagram—we’d love to hear from you!

With many thanks,
The House of Kajaana Team

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