Enjoy Easier Routines

As summer comes to a close and we reminisce about a season filled with friends, family, fun, and delicious food, we’re also looking ahead to this next chapter with joy. 

The house might be quieter as the kids are off to school, offices a little busier as everyone settles back in from vacation, and our hearts fuller after much-needed R&R. Our routines are shifting like they do each year around this time.

Fall and back-to-school season are a time of transition, and building constants throughout this change can help ground our routines with ease and peace of mind. 

Having high-quality, convenient meals that fuel our bodies can be key to overcoming the transitions. Our ready-to-eat House of Kajaana meals are a staple in our freezer year-round, but they become especially helpful in our routines during this transitional time, and here’s why:

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with back-to-school season, it’s packed schedules. Whether running from home to happy hour, driving from sports practice to playdate pick-up, or trying to get to inbox 0, it can seem like time isn’t in our favor. 

On days (or weeks and months) like this, fueling up is important so you have the energy for all of life’s moments. Enter: a healthy meal that can go from your freezer to your table in 5 minutes. There’s always time for our delicious plant-based meals, even on the busiest days.

When there are a million tabs open in our brains and on our laptops, sometimes the last thing we have space to think about is a nutritious meal decision. With a freezer full of crave-worthy House of Kajaana meals, all you need to consider is which flavor combination you’re in the mood for.

Each of our meals is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients that deliver lots of protein, fiber, and joy in every bite. During times of transition, there’s comfort in knowing you have a satisfying meal in the freezer that tastes great and is good for you.

In a fully stacked calendar, there’s seldom a slot for me-time. Between work and life commitments, making (and actually taking!) that time for yourself can be tricky. When you add cooking a meal from scratch to the list, forget about it. 

With our chef-crafted, plant-based meals, you can make a dinner for yourself or the whole family that just needs a few minutes to prepare. While your House of Kajaana meal is heating up, you have 5 minutes to spend on yourself–it’s just enough time to take a deep breath, re-center, and find a moment of stillness. 

As our schedules shift and routines re-balance, we welcome you to find consistency and comfort with some help from our frozen meals. You can put dinner plans on the backburner…well, in the microwave…to bring ease to your routine and crave-worthy nutrition to your table. 

If you’re looking for an even more convenient way to fill your freezer with the joy of our plant-based meals, you can have them delivered right to your home from FreshDirect and our website, or stop by Pop Up Grocer NYC (We’re excited to announce more retailer launches soon).  

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you!

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