Every Grain Counts

Curry leaves, lentils, fresh ginger and coconut cut in half on a beautiful gold platter.

We believe every detail matters, especially when it comes to the food you eat. We call this an “every grain counts” mindset, which means considering the well-being of each other and the world around us in every decision we make. By grounding our mission and delicious meals around our community and the planet, we are able to honor all the pieces that come together to make our dream possible.

At House of Kajaana, our every grain counts mindset is a commitment to making responsible decisions on everything from ingredients to packaging. Throughout our journey, it has been our top priority to take advantage of every opportunity to practice sustainability and thoughtful decision-making. We are continuously improving to ensure we’re making better decisions for you and the planet.

Keep reading to learn more about our sustainability practices and what goes into the meals you love.

Better for You and the Planet
All of our meals are made 100% with plants and are an exceptional blend of healthy fats, fiber, protein, lots of vegetables, and spices with healing properties. Each ingredient that emboldens our frozen meals is thoughtfully sourced so that you can feel good about your new freezer favorites.

Designed for Your Freezer (Your Treasure Chest)
While our frozen meals pull inspiration from our founder, Sabah Ashraf’s childhood, where home-cooked Indian food was often stored in the freezer to be prepared later, there’s another reason we created our freezer delicacies. By offering them frozen, we reduce food waste and make it easy to add exciting plant-based eating options to your routine. Better yet, you can keep these delicious meals on standby for over a year!

Earth-Friendly Packaging
We aim to reduce waste and promote earth-friendly consumption habits from a company-to-consumer level—including our California-based manufacturer, who is committed to the highest quality practices in their facilities. Our cartons and trays are both made from paper and are recyclable, and your trays can be recycled in the same way you would recycle a milk carton.

Creating food that nourishes you with respect for the planet is a pillar of who we are at House of Kajaana, and our team is constantly working towards improving our sustainability efforts. We’re so excited to have you on this journey with us and are proud to be a part of your at-home rituals—whether you’re dining solo or serving up a feast for friends.

As you make your own sustainable choices, remember that no matter how big or small of a sustainable swap or practice, it’s still a meaningful one.

What are some ways you continue to make sustainable choices in your life? Reach out to us at hello@houseofkajaana.com, or send us a message on Instagram; we’d love to hear from you!

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