Gifts to Bring You Joy

We often focus our time during the holiday season on finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones, excited to see their faces light up when they open a gift so thoughtfully picked out just for them. There’s so much joy to be found in gifting those close to us—and from gifting ourselves.

Practicing self-gifting celebrates our routines and creates joyful moments to look forward to throughout the year. Making ourselves a priority when we fill our cabinets with delicious foods and wellness products, our vanity with our most-loved self-care items, and our home with uplifting accents can bring joy to the smallest parts of our everyday lives.

To help inspire your self-gifting journey, our founder, Sabah, shares a look into her year-round self-gifting essentials:

It’s no surprise that Sabah’s list starts with food and wellness items in her pantry. These are a few things that bring her joy every day:

Without hesitation, award-winning chef and Pondicheri restaurant owner Anita Jaisinghani’s dhabba is at the top of Sabah’s list. The beautiful brass boxes are handmade in India and filled with an assortment of traditional spices, nuts, and seeds.

An important part of Sabah’s daily routine includes her wellness rituals, which is why she always keeps Athletic Greens and Organic India’s Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea on hand.

Having products that make us feel good is a powerful part of any daily routine. Whether it’s drawers full of our favorite products or a few key essentials, gifting ourselves things that bring us joy is what truly matters. Here’s what Sabah keeps in her self-care ritual:

Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic science, the Forest Essentials Face Oil is handcrafted with plant-based ingredients and is a staple in Sabah’s routine.

The Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm in Golden Hour and Crown Affair’s Hair Oil are favorites that Sabah continues to restock time and time again.

We value gifting ourselves homewares that help create a calm and joyful space to come back to. In Sabah’s home, she always has:

The Atelier Rebul Candle in Istanbul for a welcoming atmosphere and an indulgent warm and spicy scent that reminds her of adventures in the souks.

As someone who finds endless joy in hosting, Sabah has the Hacha Serving Bowls in Agave on her self-gift list this year. Its beautiful peacock-inspired speckled glaze will brighten her home and the dishes she serves up. Another handcrafted favorite of hers is this Kate Swann Studio Vase.

Each of these daily joys is exactly that—favorite foods, wellness items, self-care products, and homewares that delight our routines and our spaces. We hold so much love and adoration for the products and brands mentioned here that we want to share them with you.

We hope you’ll join us in discovering the daily joy of your routines and gifts for yourself that enhance them—all year long. What is on your self-gifting list? Send us an email or DM us on Instagram; we’d love to hear from you!

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