Heating up for Summer

Warmer days, higher temperatures, and the joys of a season spent with family, friends, and our favorite foods are here. At House of Kajaana, summer fun starts in the freezer. 

What does your freezer have to do with summer? Besides stocking up on ice cream and freeze pops, keeping your freezer packed with your favorite frozen meals saves the day all season long. Whether you’re preparing a feast, need a quick meal for busy days, or are stocking up before a trip, our plant-based Indian dishes are there to deliver joy and peace of mind in every bite. 

Prep your freezer for all of summer’s delicious moments when you have House of Kajaana ready-to-eat meals on standby. 

For the Backyard Potluck

It’s barbeque season, and we learned from a young age that you never show up empty-handed. So next time you’re invited to an afternoon of summer festivities with backyard games, good company, and a table of everyone’s signature dishes, be sure to serve up House of Kajaana. 

Your host will love that each vegetarian meal just needs a few minutes in the microwave and six spoons for serving, and the guests will love indulging in crave-worthy Indian flavors. Did we mention that House of Kajaana meals are free from most major allergens like gluten, nuts, dairy, and soy? It’s just another reason why they’re a stress-free crowd-pleaser! 

For Pre-Gaming Late Nights

Food is fuel, so no matter where the day or night may take you, make sure you’re well-fed with nutritious ingredients. Our meals take just 5 minutes to heat up in the microwave (and one precious minute to rest afterward), so you can spend more time getting ready and less time cooking something up.  

Our plant-based, protein-packed meals will fill you up, so you have the energy to enjoy summer to the fullest! 

For Fueling Up After a Trip

Do yourself a favor before your next trip and fill your freezer with our plant-based Indian meals. We know what it’s like when you’ve been traveling and come home hungry to an empty fridge and freezer.

When you stock up on House of Kajaana meals, you’re coming home to a freezer ready to bring comfort and nutrition after your travels. 

For Weeknight Get-Togethers

Are you having an impromptu night-in with friends? Don’t worry about digging out the takeout menus; heat up House of Kajaana! Consider our meals your hosting secret to a delicious dinner ready in less time than it takes everyone to decide on a movie to watch.

The joys of summer are just heating up, and we can’t wait to see how House of Kajaana makes each moment a memory.

Not sure where to pick up House of Kajaana meals? You can find our First Collection on our website and at FreshDirect. If you’re local to NYC, stop by Pop Up Grocer all summer and look for our meals in their freezer section. Be sure to snap a photo of your stock up or stop by and tag us on Instagram, @houseofkajaana!

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