In Celebration of Diwali

Widely known as the festival of lights, Diwali is a five-day Indian holiday rooted in the celebration of light, thoughtful gestures, and sharing joy. While Diwali is a celebration to look forward to each year, the holiday’s pillars of focusing on togetherness and spreading warmth are what we strive for year-round. 

At House of Kajaana, it’s a special time to recognize the lights in our lives and the joy we can share with others—many of the things we like to do each day. The “lights” in our lives can be as simple as sharing a meal with someone you love, making someone smile from a small act of kindness, and encouraging those around us to do good. 

In the spirit of sharing cultural stories, our founder, Sabah, had the opportunity to share her joy for her Indian roots and culture with the Tiny Travelers book series. As an ambassador of their India Treasure Quest book, Sabah’s collaboration helped bring her favorite pages to life—and you might be able to guess that the food spread was one of them!

Collaborating on this book was another reminder of the joy and curiosity that can be sparked by sharing stories, welcoming others to learn about different cultures, and discovering new ways to celebrate old traditions. 

We hope you’ll join us in filling our lives and communities with more light and joy. 

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