Welcome to House of Kajaana

Hands holding House of Kajaana meals stacked including Coconut Malabar Curry, Roasted Butternut Saag and Cauliflower Tikka Masala


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to House of Kajaana! We believe the freezer is the treasure chest of your home, and our meals are the Crown Jewels you’ve been waiting for.

Our mission is to bring the joy of healthy, plant-based Indian food to the modern palate and deliver it conveniently. 

Born from our founder, Sabah Ashraf’s, decades-long love affair with Indian food, our bejeweled frozen meals deliver high-quality ingredients, crave-worthy flavors, and nourishing comfort. Sabah created House of Kajaana to embody the feeling of comfort she enjoyed growing up and pulling a delicious handcrafted meal out of the freezer, a frozen meal that not only tastes delicious but makes you feel good.

Everything we do is infused with the incredible spirit of Indian hospitality—welcoming you to our table, traditions, and beautiful treasures. 

Playing on the Hindi phrases “kha ja na,” meaning “eat up,” and “khajanna,” meaning “treasure,” our company name, House of Kajaana, captures the joy of eating delicious Indian food and treasuring every bite.

Comfort comes from knowing you have a flavorful, hand-crafted meal always waiting for you—which is why we teamed up with talented chefs and nutritionists to reimagine beloved Indian classics for your freezer. These creations bring thousands of years of Indian wisdom to your plate in just five minutes. We encourage you to make them your own—add your favorite condiments and toppings that pull inspiration from your traditions or that help you indulge in a moment’s craving. House of Kajaana tip: we love adding a spoonful of chili crisp or raita and eating our meals alongside naan, or even tortillas. 

Our meals are perfect for the nights you would have ordered in, for gathering with friends and family, for dining solo, or for gifting to a loved one to let them know they’re on your mind.

Whether you have eaten Indian food your whole life or House of Kajaana marks your first experience, we are excited to welcome you to our table. We believe that having these wonderful meals that are better for you and our earth will make you feel good in every way.

With functional nutrition at the heart of our products, revolutionizing delicious and convenient meal experiences at home drives everything we do at House of Kajaana. We are thrilled to share that you can now shop our First Collection online and discover them in Pop Up Grocer’s permanent flagship store in New York City. Stay tuned as our delicious meals soon become available in more freezer aisles! 

We look forward to hearing about your House of Kajaana experiences and sharing our treasures with you for many years to come.


With love,
The House of Kajaana Team

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