Welcoming New Beginnings and Better Choices

We often associate “new beginnings” with the start of the calendar year, but opening your mind to change when you feel it and when you need it doesn’t have to be cyclical. Regardless of the seasons or cycles, each new day presents an opportunity to embrace new beginnings and welcome a positive mindset (if you’re looking for a thoughtful listen about positive change, we recommend tuning into one of our favorite podcasts with guest speaker Guru Singh). A new day is an opportunity to make better choices for ourselves, those around us, and the planet. 

Better choices are really whole choices—by this, we mean making decisions, especially when it comes to the food we eat, that have a more positive impact on our bodies and the Earth. As believers in food that fuels our wellness, and with a deep insight into our community’s desire to make these better choices, we’ve rounded up some ways in which we’re here to help you throughout this journey. 

Reaching for Frozen Foods
You might wonder how this is a better choice since many frozen foods are considered “TV dinners” without much nutritional value. That’s why we created House of Kajaana, to exclusively deliver you the most beautiful and high-quality ingredients for plant-based meals high in protein, fiber, and veggies—breaking out of the frozen meal status quo.

What we didn’t switch up, however, was the ease and convenience of having a nutritious, frozen meal ready whenever it’s needed. Inspired by our founder Sabah’s childhood, where she always had frozen Indian delicacies stashed in her freezer at home, we wanted to bring that same comfort to homes everywhere. 

As convenient as they are nutritious, our meals lock in ingredient freshness when frozen to serve you a protein-packed meal in just 5 minutes while still being one you can feel good about. With better-for-you ingredients, our delicious meals also help cut down on food waste, making them a great choice for your body and the planet.

If an earth-friendly and crave-worthy meal wasn’t enough reason, you can use those 5 minutes of cooking time to relax, check in on loved ones, play with your furry friends, or dance in the kitchen to your favorite song, all while your meal is heating up to delight your taste buds.  

Choosing to have even one frozen meal from House of Kajaana helps fuel your body with better ingredients, reduce environmental impact, and create more time to do what you love. Nourishing your mind, body, and soul sounds pretty simple, right?

Stocking Up on Whole Ingredients
We know how overwhelming the crowded shelves can be, so we find balance in our food choices.

As we shop around and look for new favorites or old classics, we are constantly picking up options that include vegetables, fruits, seeds, and anything else that supports our health (Psst, you’ll find all of these in our plant-based Indian meals!). Why? Incorporating whole ingredients into our meals can be a great source of nutrition, staying full, and satiating our cravings.

Since the beginning, we’ve strived to be a thoughtful and convenient frozen meal option based on top-of-the-line nutritional standards, high-quality ingredients, and care for the planet. Why? Because we know how hard it can be to make better choices. Whether stocking up your freezer or stocking up theirs, you can find House of Kajaana meals available on FreshDirect, our website, and at Pop Up Grocer NYC. 

We’d love to see you with your House of Kajaana meals and how you incorporate them into your day, so send us a message and tag us in your photos on Instagram.

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